Welcome to Joshua Evangelization Group!

This is the Joshua Evangelization Group, a full non-profit organization whose purpose is to be a community of love, a body of Christ and a service Ministry committed to the ongoing mission of Christ through the celebration of the sacraments, evangelization of God’s people and service to our community by spreading the Gospel message through the empowerment of a life lived in the Holy Spirit. All works of faith to be based in a Pastoral Center, to be named Conrado Felix Evangelization Center, a facility to have all related ministries of evangelization. These ministries includes the Life in the Spirit, Family and Marriage Encounter, Youth, Education and Pilgrimage Ministry.

This community, based at Conrado Felix Evangelization Center is called to fulfill its purpose to share God’s own life and love. As one grow in Christ’s holiness and reach out to all people, we commit ourselves to grow in joy, peace and in love.

The Center

Why do we need a Center?

To centralize all activities associated with Evangelization Mission that our beloved Bro Conrad Felix established before he passed away in 2015. He left this community with all its Ministry already and place and up to this very day with God’s grace these ministries are still having an impact and changing people’s lives. Our longtime dream to one day have a center to house all these activities.